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Check out our new boiler deals offering pay monthly finance

A boiler can be purchased on finance, which might also be known as a pay monthly boiler. This allows you to have your boiler installed in your house without having to pay the full price upfront. Instead, you can spread your boiler cost with a monthly affordable payment that has no hidden costs.

New Boiler Pay Monthly in Sherburn

Spread the cost of an efficient boiler that is energy-efficient. )

You’ll be pleased to know that you can pay for your new boiler monthly if you choose.We offer a monthly pay option for all of our boiler types including combi boilers as well as regular and system boilers. You can compare our boiler prices (fully installed) and find out more about each type so that you can decide which one is best for your home.

If you prefer to pay monthly, one of our credit brokers could help you arrange a loan. The loan can cover as much as 100% of your central heating costs. You will have to complete a credit check as with all loans.  Choose a payment plan that fits your financial situation to spread out the payment for your boiler.

No upfront payment, no hidden charges

Instead of paying upfront, you can spread out the cost by taking advantage of some great financing deals to replace your boiler.

This means that the amount you repay for your boiler is the same amount as the full price of the boiler and installation, with no additional fees.

New boiler pay monthly Peterlee

If you have a stable financial situation, you don’t need to pay any extra fees if the loan is paid off early.

The boiler will be paid for only in agreed monthly payments. Installation fees are not added to these payments.

You can choose the payment term that best suits your needs

The cost of repayments can be spread over 120 months (10-years), with no deposit options. You also have the option to choose from a variety of boiler finance products.Other terms include monthly payments for finance agreements over 3 years, 5 year 7 years, or as stated above, a massive 10 year term.

Spreading out the cost is a great way to help everyone. It allows you to save money and still be able to enjoy the lifestyle you want.

Who can apply for finance to purchase boilers?

If you’re 18 years old or over, you can apply for finance for a boiler.

Online applications are quick and easy. Fill out a few short questions to get an online price quote for a boiler replacement. Takes less than a minute….You can choose the last step, to pay monthly, once you have completed your checkout information.

Our boiler calculator will give you a price for your new combi boiler. You can also apply for financing online.

Can I get a boiler with finance?

Credit is subjected to status and age. This credit is available to UK residents aged 18 or over with a UK bank account who have not been declared bankrupt, had CCJs, or IVAs in the past 6 months. All applications are subject to affordability, status, lending criteria, and application.

Consett New Boiler Pay Monthly

UK residents can now get a combi-boiler with interest free financing. To repay your boiler loan each month, you can choose from many of the top boiler brands in the UK.

Instant online finance application makes it easy to apply for boiler financing and order your boiler online within minutes.

Find the best deals

Pay monthly financing deals for boilers are a great way to spread out the cost and make it more affordable. Personalize your plan, create a payment schedule that’s easy to follow and is comfortable for you.

Instead of paying upfront, you can spread out the cost by taking advantage of some great financing deals to replace your boiler.

We’re happy to offer recommendations based on your financial situation and specific needs if you aren’t sure which boiler you should buy. Our boiler financing options will allow you to obtain a boiler at a very affordable price.

Let’s get started with some frequently asked questions about monthly payment boilers.

Is it worth spending money on a boiler?

Houghton le Spring New Boiler Pay Monthly

What is the best way to finance boilers? A boiler finance program is a great option for those who can’t afford one. If you want to replace your boiler with a more efficient model, this could be a good option. This will help you save money and energy over the long-term.

You can get a boiler loan on finance even if you have bad credit.

Even if you have bad credit, you can still buy a boiler through finance. However, it is unlikely that any high street lenders will accept your application (e.g. There are banks and building societies that offer boiler finance. Companies that offer boiler financing to people with poor credit will conduct a “soft credit check”, which means you are much more likely be accepted.

Is the government offering free boilers?

Free Boiler Grants. The Governments ECO Scheme for 2021 and onwards allows eligible homeowners to have their old, inefficient boilers replaced entirely free of cost or heavily subsidised by a grant.

Prices and cost of back boiler replacement

This guide will take you through the 5-minute process of removing and replacing a back boiler. This guide will explain everything about a boiler, including the cost to replace it.

People who have a boiler at the back of their fireplace will want to change to a combination design. CozeeWarm has an installation cost calculator that will give you the best estimate of the removal and replacement costs.

If possible, we recommend upgrading to a combi boiler from the back boiler you presently have.

This form will give you a price estimate.

The old technology makes back boilers inefficient. Simply put, wasting energy is a waste of money.

It will save money to replace your back boiler with a modern, A-rated boiler. Modern A-rated boilers can be over 90% efficient.

Sedgefield newboileronfinance

You can expect to spend up to £3000 if you are replacing a back boiler with a combi boiler A-rated in a home that has up to three bedrooms.

A 3-4 bed property, with 8-10 radiators and an A-Rated combination heating boiler is expected to run around £5,000. This will cover the cost of the removal and installation of a new combi heating system.

Cozeewarm Limited is here to help you replace your outdated back boiler and install a new, more efficient combi boiler. You can get expert advice from our experts and have your combi boiler professionally installed by Gas Safe certified engineers.

Do You Need to Replace a Back Boiler with a Combi Boiler or Should It Be Removed?

Gas back boilers replacing older boilers in the UK are more and more common as homeowners become aware of their benefits. This guide provides all information necessary to replace your boiler.

It is difficult and expensive to replace or remove a gas boiler. Although the cost of replacing a boiler is expensive, it can save you money over time.

You should replace any boilers that are still in use. It is strongly recommended that you get a brand new boiler system.

 You can reduce your energy costs by replacing your boiler with a best-selling combi or system boiler. Your heating system will be more efficient and perform better. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your heating system won’t shut down suddenly without warning.

Combi boilers are also known as combination boilers. They provide hot and cold water through one unit. They require no additional water tanks and cylinders, which means they take up very little space. Condensing combi boilers recover latent heat from water vapour condensation, making them extremely energy-efficient.

Which boiler is better: back boilers or modern ones?

The back boiler heats the water and home from behind the fireplace.

They are hidden behind the fireplace and can be smaller than traditional gas boilers. These boilers are known for their reliability. Because of their simplicity, back boilers can last much longer than modern-technology engineered boilers.

Back boilers have a major problem with their efficiency ratings. Back boilers are only 70% efficient in new situations, decreasing steadily with age. This is in contrast to modern condensing boilers’ 92% efficiency.

The Best Boiler Brands: Which boiler brand is best in Britain?

A new boiler is needed. You’ve searched for a new boiler and now you are more lost and confused than when you first started. We’re not shocked, to be truthful.

What is the best brand of boiler? Or which one of  the hundreds available to you?

If you’re in a hurry to find out which boiler producer is top of our best boiler list we’ll let you in on the secret, it’s the Baxi 800 series. But the thing about boilers is, that what’s right for me and my home may not be right for you.

Before you become too obsessed with choosing the best boiler brand for your home, it is important to also consider other options such as your central heating radiators and boiler types are best for you.

Which boiler is best for you?

Combination boilers are the most popular choice for homeowners looking to replace their boiler. There are many reasons why. In the first instance it’s an excellent choice for homes with limited space.

This can be a problem however, if there are more than one bathroom in the property, or if hot water needs to be delivered to multiple outlets simultaneously. The combi might not be able to provide the required hot water volume at once.

A system boiler may be the best choice for larger houses or areas where hot water is in high demand.

Hetton newboileronfinance

System boilers keep hot water in hot water cylinders. This means they always have hot water on hand. The system boiler pricing guide will help you estimate the cost of a system boiler.

The traditional boiler, also known as the regular boiler in the UK is the most common type of boiler.

System and regular boilers both store hot water. However, the system boiler requires a cold water tank. This is usually found up in the loft.

According to heating engineers, the best boiler brands

Since the 1800s, Baxi boilers are well-known in the heating business.

Baxi boilers are eligible for a 10-year warranty on parts and labor. Baxi boilers and those made by other manufacturers have certain criteria that make their warranties valid. These criteria include correct materials, magnet filters and the use of gas safe registered installers, among others

Baxi’s top-selling combi is the 800 series. The 800 is small but powerful. It comes with three outputs: 25kW, 30kW, and 35kW. They also use high-quality components.

What are the benefits of small combi boilers?

The small combi boiler is a great option for people with limited space and is the best choice for anyone who lives in apartments or studios. We have the best selection of small combi boilers available.

Contrary to a combi boiler, a compact boiler is defined by its dimensions. It’s not to say that all small boilers can be compact, but compact boilers have been specifically designed for smaller homes and apartments in the city.

A small combi boiler is a good choice for hot water.

Small combi boilers offer many advantages, including the fact that they require less space to store them.

The compact design of combi boilers is impressive. They don’t have an individual hot or cold water storage tank. They can provide a constant stream of hot water. They are the ideal choice for small homes because of these two attributes.

They are not large and very efficient, and also use clean mains water. The water doesn’t go into a tank, but is instead pumped straight to the taps from the boiler via the mains. This avoids common boiler problems like sludge buildup.

They are also extremely efficient, so homeowners who have combi boilers in their homes will see lower heating and gas bills.

Does this mean shorter warranty on small-sized gas boilers?

Burnopfield and Dipton newboileronfinance

You should not forget about the warranty on your boiler. This protects you against unnecessary costs if anything goes wrong. Every year, you need to service your boiler warranty.

A boiler that has a 10-year warranty such as the Baxi 800 series range, will protect you from any problems (or repairs) within the first ten year of ownership.

To save money, you will end up paying a lot more in the long run for the boiler brand that is lower in price. A boiler manufacturer should offer a minimum of a 7-year warranty. This however, is not the norm.

It is important that you choose a high-quality warranty when choosing replacement boiler & central heating products. Make sure the warranty is part of any boiler price you receive. The warranty offered by a boiler manufacturer is always something that interests me. This is a sign of how they feel about their boilers. They will offer a lengthy warranty if the boiler is reliable. They’ll give a shorter warranty if they can’t guarantee their product.

Get New Boiler Deals with Monthly Finance

This guide is your definitive source for information on boiler finance. This quick report will help you understand everything you need to know about boiler financing and make the best decision for your situation.

If you’re looking for a way to finance your boiler monthly, then boiler finance might be the right choice. There are many ways to finance your boiler.

You can pay monthly for your combi boilers – payment schemes are available for new and replacement boilers

Online quote available in just 60 seconds via our simple to use app. Full heating systems as well as single boiler financing is available. You can view the final monthly payments and fixed options. Follow the link below to get a quote now.

There are several ways to finance your new or replacement boiler.

Brandon newboileronfinance

You can spread the cost of your boiler’s purchase over a number of different time periods by selecting a payment plan for your new boiler that best suits your needs and financial circumstances.

You have many choices when it comes to how much you can pay each month for your boiler. There are three options: 0% interest-free credit plans; interest-bearing (representative 9.9% APR) for up to 10 year terms and buy now, pay later options that offer 6-month pay later terms.

You don’t have to pay for the boiler upfront. Instead, spread it out with these fantastic financing deals.

You can apply online for financing and receive an immediate decision. This will let you know if you have been accepted. No deposit is required, or you can pay anywhere up to 50% of the loan amount. Your choice….

Certainly, for all three. We carry out this professional service for a price of ₤50.

It really keeps you and your loved ones safe; prevention is typically the better alternative.

It is essential to ascertain the safe and effective performance of your boiler.

Boiler companies insist on this service to confirm your ongoing warranties.

Lot of times, simple issues are uncovered, and maintenance protects against costly long term issues.

Is there a good central heating boiler failure moment?

Nope, it always appears to be at the coldest or most annoying times imaginable.

Regular service or maintenance can help alleviate this happening to an extent, but to be candid, almost anything of a mechanized and electrical related nature is susceptible to failing.


Frequently, the issue is generally fixed quickly at low cost, tiny sensors, common parts and such like are not hugely expensive.

New Boiler Pay Monthly in Horden

There is always the “having said that” part, and we as a responsible company will definitely advise on price and time indications every single time, prior to starting any extensive repair work.

Once in a while, things simply can not be fixed, whether this is due to the fact that its an aging central heating boiler and parts are no longer available, or just because its not economical. In these situations, we would definitely act in your best interests, without thought of the costs to ourselves.

We are always here to help and for assistance.


Cozee Warm Limited

offers inexpensive, straightforward and precise pricing quotes.

Try us, we are a local, honest, family run business with over forty years’ experience within this industry. We’re sure you’ll bemore than happy with our estimate and promise you’ll be thrilled with our professionalism and working practises.

Confidence with us from beginning to end … with the added benefit of no salesmen … assured.

Simply the best? Well, we like to think so, we undoubtedly do try. Countless satisfied clients over the years vouch to this.

New Boiler Pay Monthly in Wingate

We like to think we provide the personal level of care you require, certainly more personal than anything you would certainly get from the” Multinational Guys”.

While we do have a preference, (for your benefit more than our own); to install only the leading boiler models; (which are known to be the most reliable with long term warranties).

It was for this reason we became approved Baxi, Ideal & Worcester Bosch installers.

Because, it goes without saying “you get what you pay for”…….perhaps quite true in the heating market…either way, new heating boilers are not cheap nowadays.

Upon undertaking a home visit or image based check, we would promise there would be no additional costs.

We likewise understand not everyone can afford this. We consequently will price quote a central heating boiler of your choice if that’s your preferable alternative.

Magnetic filters are a small gadget near to the central heating boiler that keep your heating clear long-term.

Moreover considered a heating filtration system which in turn is capable of gathering practically 100% of the Magnetite inside a heating system.

As water travels through the unit, a sizable magnet draws in any rust out of the water onto the magnet to make sure that solely clean water is passed back to the boiler. The filter system will need to be cleared out yearly or so.

Magnetite is the established label of heating system sludge, it’s formed from Iron Oxide the end result of a chain reaction between the different metals and air entering into the system.

Precisely how frequently do I need to cleanse the filter system? We encourage it i


Combi Boilers

Combi boilers are without doubt, the most popular choice of central heating boiler nowadays. They are certainly the most affordable and energy efficient in regards to use.

They work by heating water directly from the cold water main as soon as a hot tap is opened. Due to the fact that they don’t need a hot water cylinder or cold water storage tanks, they save greatly on room.

The central heating boiler units on their own are now quite compact, and when integrated with the modern flue options can readily be situated just about anywhere in your property.

The heating system works on a two pipe system, which is commonly found in most residential properties, & is consequently very uncomplicated to either install from new, or join into existing systems.

New Boiler Pay Monthly in Peterlee

Combi boilers are excellent for smaller homes, apartments, bungalows etc where room is at a premium.They are an excellent choice where there is no attic space for water tanks and are also fantastic if a loft alteration is imminent. The bonus is no pipes freezing in the loft either.

Living space is enhanced, as is closet space because no hot water storage area being needed. No pumps are required for showers, as when they run from a combi central heating boiler the water provision is excellent.

A result of there being less pipework required, they are usually less expensive to put in.

Heat Only Boilers

Heat only boilers have remained in use for generations, and are possibly the option that’s been used the most for many years.

They are typically wall fixed, but once were located at the rear of a gas fire, a back boiler if you please.

This standard central heating boiler demands a hot water storing cylinder or very similar, as well as cold water storage tanks to feed all the heating and hot water needs of the property.

Although this form of system requires room, it is excellent for residential properties of a bigger size, specifically those with more than one bathroom as it allows for numerous hot water draw off points simultaneously.

Although not as efficient as a combi based heating system, with today’s modern technology they are really still economical to run. The draw back is the installation costs are increased due to extra tanks & pipework required.

System Boilers

System boilers are pressurised, rather similar to a combi central heating boiler. Despite the fact that by design, the primary heating and hot water elements are built into the central heating boiler, the system still requires hot water to be stored. That is performed employing a pressurised or mains water fed storage container or storage vessel, commonly built from copper or steel. They do not need cold water storage tanks, which means no pipes in the loft area essentially.

This method permits a continuous provision of hot water to several faucets simultaneously. Ideal for properties with more than one bathroom or for making use of two showers simultaneously, provided of course there is a good mains pressure on hand.

System boilers are even compatible with solar energy water systems, wonderful news for producing environmental advantages as well as saving funds on your energy costs.

With everything being pressurised, like a combi, the install costs are reduced, thanks to there being no need for storage tanks and the connected pipe and fittings etc


Central heating boiler acting up. One fix too many or is it just simply old? Probably best not to ignore the signs below …


  • Leaks: They should be fixed right away.Water damages, that’s a basic fact. Electrics, flooring, plaster, brick-work and so much more.
  • Repairs: Having your central heating boiler fixed could be very expensive. Doing so on numerous occasions could be a financial headache, even more so in a very short space of time. You at some point reach a level where you seriously must look at getting a brand new one. Taking advice can save people a fortune.
  • Noisy: Pay attention to your central heating boiler. Hissing or popping noises, knocking, pounding, even more so in old boilers are tell tale signs that parts are perhaps wearing or on the way out. Take advice from a professional, in many instances its more economical to buy a brand new boiler.
  • Warm Water: Lukewarm or on and off hot water issues may be fixed. A professional will guide as needed.
  • Age: The typical life span for a central heating boiler is ten years. Although many last longer, in almost all cases the performance levels are nowhere near where a brand new boiler would undoubtedly be. Older systems are also more likely to break. In some cases the financial benefits and performance levels warrant switching to a new model.

New Boiler Pay Monthly in Thornley

We can really help. We feature all this in your new boiler system:

Top of the range central heating boiler with a manufacturer’s warranty that works

Cozee Warm Limited

Intelligent thermostat as standard (it’s now a requirement).

Magnetic filter system as standard (soon to be a requirement).

Hot chemical heating system flush to eradicate damaging sludge as requested by boiler manufacturers.

Gas Safe certified technicians only.

We instruct and clarify to you how it all works.

A price and service second to none. We are great believers in the old saying “you only get what you pay for”. We over deliver every single time